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Ansur Carlton

The Carlton takes a step up from the Classic with the addition of a gullet plus a bit of a twist. These additions assist the rider with proper positioning, thus making it a good starter or youth saddle. For those horses that enjoy the feel of the Classic's flat underside, the Carlton comes standard with a removable gullet pillow. When the pillow is in place, the underside of the Carlton will feel "pad-like" similar to the feel of the Classic. In addition to the gullet pillow, the Carlton also has adjustable knee rolls, shoulder columns and rear thigh blocks.

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Great For:
  • Dressage
  • Equitation
  • Trail Riding
  • Low Level Jumping
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Carole and Don,

 What a beautiful saddle! I really like how well it is balanced for the kind of riding that I do. The horses walk out so well in both the Enduro and Carlton. To me, a sign of a saddle that stays out of the way of their movement. Thanks and don't hesitate to use me for a reference for either saddle.

Take care both of you and have a great summer!

 Sue B.



I've had a Classic (no gullet) for two years and a Carlton (with gullet) for 6 months. My horse goes equally well in both and his back is in great shape.

My opinionated FEI horse likes it. He loves his Classic so I was thrilled that he moved as well in the Carlton. Is every FEI horse a princess? LOL

Saddle Details

Flex-Core construction
Low cantle
Front dee rings
Deluxe support system (under-flap knee rolls, rear thigh blocks and shoulder columns)
Pebble-grain soft leather on the seat and external knee rolls
Detachable/adjustable under-flap knee rolls & thigh blocks
Long billets
Ansur dust cover w/logo

Made by Ansur's master saddle makers in Camas, WA, USA

flex core saddles for complete horse comfort