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The Custom Saddle Pads

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Are you having a hard time finding that perfect pad that fits your Ansur saddle? Look no farther... We are now making Custom Synthetic felt pads with leather wear patches that are made to fit your individual Ansur saddle.

Ansur custom saddle pads come in two colors, Black and Brown. We offer two different thicknesses. Our thinner pad is 3/8" thick. Our thicker pad is approximately 5/8" thick. 

Care instructions come with your new pad. Using a garden hose, run water over the underneath side of your pad until the water runs clear and let the pad air dry. If you have been using your pad for extended periods and it needs a little extra cleaning, use a mild soap to wash it by hand and then rinse the pad until the water runs clean. Air dry your pad and it's ready for your next ride! Simple as that!

During the shopping cart process we will ask you a few questions about the Ansur saddle that you are purchasing this pad for. Then we can make your custom pad to fit your Ansur.

Also, you can conveniently purchase a custom pad while ordering your new Ansur! 


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Received my new pad. Love it!
Wicks sweat away beautifully!


Alicia K.

Saddle Details

Recommended Use:

Thick Pad (5/8"):
Endeavor (long distance/Endurance Riders)

Thin Pad (3/8"):
Perfect for every day use under any Ansur saddle

Made by Ansur's master saddle makers in Camas, WA, USA

Ansur saddles built on FlexCore: the comfort of a treeless saddle with all the rider support of a tree