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The Endeavor

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With a deep, comfortable seat, the Endeavor is one of our most popular trail saddles, especially for long-distance endurance or competitive trail riders. With no rigid tree or frame, FlexCore technology allows the horse to naturally relax the back and increase the length of stride. Less effort expended covering long distances, means your horse recovers his/her resting heart rate far more quickly, is more fatigue-resistant, and ultimately, more willing to go the distance. The Endeavor can be used with our optional mini-fenders and endurance stirrups or english leathers and irons.

Great For:
  • Trail Riding
  • Endurance
  • Competitive trail
  • Western Dressage
Starting At:


Select This Saddle

Mix and match leather colors

Our standard saddle uses premium chestnut smooth and pebble grain leathers. But you can personalize your saddle by mixing and matching our smooth and suede leathers and colors. Additional charges apply. 

Style your saddle your way

You can customize the style of your Endeavor with the options below.

Standard styling
Custom options

Flap length: Standard

Flap length:

  • short +$265
  • long  +$265

Hardware: Stainless

Hardware: Brass  +$185

Dees & things: 

  • Breast collar dees
  • 2 pairs of rear dees
  • 2 large pommel dees
  • 2 pairs of clips and string

Dees & things:

  • Large pommel dees:  +$160
  • 2 pairs of external flap dee rings  +$160.00
  • Crupper dee:  +$60.00



Mini fenders

Add some easy-to-swap-out mini fenders to make your ride a bit more Western when you take to the trails. Standard twist +$425  w/Hamley Twist +$525

Tooling and Silver

When you order your new saddle, ask us to contact you about custom options such as silver, borders, and/or uniquely designed tooling.

Saddle Details

Included Features:
• Flex-Core construction
• Pebble-grain seat leather
• External knee rolls on flaps
• Low or higher cantle
• Front dees
• 2 pairs of rear dees
• 2 pairs of clips and strings
• 3 sets of rings and strings
• Brass hardware
• Ansur dust cover w/logo

Made by Ansur's master saddle makers in Camas, WA, USA

Ansur saddles built on FlexCore: the comfort of a treeless saddle with all the rider support of a tree