About Ansur treeless saddles

About Us

Based in Washington State, Ansur® has been producing treeless saddles for equestrians across a wide spectrum of disciplines since 1998. Custom-made and hand-made treeless saddles: we're proud that our saddles (materials and labor) are 100% American made.

Ansur saddlemakers crafting custom treeless saddles
Ansur saddlemaker constructing a handmade treeless saddle
Ansur craftsman with a high quality, handmade, treeless saddle

Don & Carole

Don Weidner and Carole Weider: saddlemakers and creators of the Ansur treeless saddle

As the owners and operators of Ansur® Saddlery Northwest, LLC, Carole and Don Weidner supply a combination of many years of organizational management and equine experience to the Company.

Carole not only brings a wealth of financial, customer service and sales management experience to the firm, but also extensive dressage training and competition experience. She earned national dressage championships with her horse “Bronze” from the Morgan Horse Association and United States Dressage Federation throughout his competitive career. Carole rode Bronze from the time he was a rambunctious youngster to an FEI level dressage horse. She and Don owned him his entire life.

Don has over 40 years of organizational management and operations experience. He was a successful city manager in five different cities, each with increasing size and responsibilities. He also used his executive management skills to create and operate a highly successful water technology business for over five years.

Don and Carole are both easily accessible and look forward to talking with Ansur saddle owners and interested riders each day... just phone 800-987-1545 and one of them will answer!

Ansur saddles built on FlexCore: the comfort of a treeless saddle with all the rider support of a tree