Riding in new treeless saddle

Riding In Your New Ansur®

The big day is here and your Ansur treeless saddle has arrived! The suggestions below will help you and your horse quickly and easily adjust to your new Ansur.

For specific information on adjusting the thigh and knee blocks on a English saddle or fenders and stirrups on a Western saddle, check out the videos in our video library.

Girthing/Cinching your new Ansur

The proper girthing/cinching of your Ansur treeless saddle is very important. Do not over tighten your girth or cinch. When properly done, you should still be able to slide the palm of your hand between the horse’s belly and the girth or cinch, without having to shove it in between. This method of securing your Ansur saddle will allow it to naturally seek out the “sweet spot” on your horse’s back that will be the most comfortable for horse and rider. Remember, treeless saddles need to slightly bend and flex with your horse’s movements. It cannot do this if your cinch or girth is over tightened and flattens your saddle on the horse’s back and over his withers.

Your First Few Rides: The Exercises

Expect a different riding experience in your new treeless saddle than you are used to! Your Ansur saddle is accompanied by some suggested riding exercises that will help you get the feel of both a flexible treeless saddle structure and your horse’s increased freedom of movement. The important thing is to gradually get used to the new riding experience so you and your horse can discover together the joy of pain-free movement in all gaits.

Try these exercises with gradual advances in movement while you are breaking in the leather of your new treeless saddle. In just a few hours of riding, you will be comfortable riding “as one” with your horse. You may be surprised at how more energetically, naturally and free your horse will move. You will also see how your centered balance improves now that you are not being catapulted out of position by the rigid frame that you had in your old treed saddle.

Open the exercises

"By using these very simple exercises, you will begin to ride more with your body and subtle weight changes. Quiet effectiveness is a joy for the horse and also for the rider!" - Carole Weidner

Still have questions?

Call your distributor or Carole at Ansur Saddlery Northwest. If you are unsure about treeless saddle placement on uphill or downhill horses, horses with wasted dorsal muscles and other minor conditions, we can easily answer your questions. We are always happy to help!

Ansur saddles built on FlexCore: the comfort of a treeless saddle with all the rider support of a tree