Test Ride an Ansur®

Want to test ride one of our saddles? If there is a distributor in your area, we recommend that you arrange for a personal visit and demo. All our distributors are riders who own one or more Ansur saddles. They believe in the saddles and have first-hand experience with the comfort and performance enhancements these saddles provide to horse and rider.

An Ansur distributor will:

  • Offer a demo ride on your horse using their Ansur saddle (provided you are within a reasonable driving distance from the distributor's location)
  • Assist with selection of the proper size and model for the intended use
  • Ensure the saddle is properly balanced and fit to your horse's unique conformation.

To arrange for a test ride, please contact one of our Ansur Distributors to make arrangements.

If no distributor is available, you may wish to purchase one and use the 7-day trial ride option that goes with each new saddle to ensure satisfaction. If you wish to return or exchange it for another, please protect the saddle so it can be returned in "like new" condition.

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