Saddle Repair

Though rarely necessary for an Ansur, occasionally you might need a repair or desire an updated feature be added to your saddle. Due to the unique, patented construction of the Ansur saddle, repairs should only be done by one of our trained saddlemakers.

We do recommend the following repairs and updates:

1. Flexcore technology to any Ansur saddle manufactured before 2007. For utmost protection for your horse, we can replace their internal materials with the Flexcore trauma system.these older saddles need to have their internal materials replaced with the Flexcore trauma system. Once this update is made, further replacement will not be necessary.

2. Replace billets on any English model every 2-4 years, depending upon how much the saddle is used. The billets are leather ,which is a fiber, so over time the fibers begin to separate. This separation results in weaker billets (horizontal cracking) and replacement is indicated.

Remember, as the owner of a saddle you purchase directly from us, after your one-year warranty expires, you will save nearly 50% on any future repairs, maintenance or retro-fit costs that become necessary during the life of your saddle.

FlexCore saddles for complete horse comfort