How to take care of a treeless saddle

Treeless Saddle Care

Saddle Racks and your Ansur

We do not recommend storing your treeless saddle on a standard tube-frame saddle rack as it may cause deformation to the underside of your nice saddle. Storage on a rounded surface is recommended. We have found 5-gallon plastic buckets covered with a thin layer of form rubber to be the best type of saddle racks for our treeless saddles. They work great, are inexpensive, and can also be used to store your grooming supplies.

We suggest you remove the handle and cover the outside with some inexpensive vinyl, form rubber or fabric to prevent scoring over time.

How to take care of a treeless saddle
Homemade treeless saddle rack
Treeless saddle rack made out of a 5-gallon bucket

Cleaning your treeless saddle

For new saddles, we recommend you regularly clean all top surfaces except suede with established brand name leather cleaners/conditioners.

The most important rule to follow with all leather care is TO NOT OVER-OIL! Leather is composed of a natural, tightly woven fibrous material which, if saturated with any lubricant, can tend to cause it as well as the stitching to weaken and separate.

For treeless saddles used under extreme conditions (heavy grime, sweat, dusty conditions) it is perfectly ok to quickly rinse or hose down the saddle with clean water to remove the majority of dirt and then towel dry it. If desired, a very weak solution of water and dish detergent can also be used.

When almost dry, follow the initial cleaning with the use of a brand name saddle soap to remove any remaining residue. A leather conditioner of your choice can then be lightly applied to restore luster and sheen.

Cleaning your suede

For suede seats we suggest the following care. To prevent your suede from becoming 'flat' or shiny, use a small stiff bristled brush (a nail brush works well) frequently to refresh the 'nap' of the leather. A couple of times a week is fine, and it only takes 30 seconds. See photo. For cleaning, use any well known brand of suede shoe cleaner.

Brushing and cleaning suede on treeless saddle
Applying leather conditioner to treeless saddle

Important tips if your treeless saddle gets wet

Occasionally a horse and rider may encounter a substantial downpour or cross a body of water. If your treeless saddle should take an unexpected dunking, just dry it out slowly, out of the sun and away from direct heat sources. Air circulation is a must but we do not recommend aiming a fan at the saddle. It is not the water that hurts the leather, but the swift drying that does the damage.

Once the saddle is almost dry, apply a light coat of leather conditioner and let it finish drying.

When totally dry, you may polish with a very soft cloth to bring back its luster.

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