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Ansur Classic

The Classic provides adequate rider support yet allows the rider to experience maximum "feel" from his/her horse. The underside of the Classic has no gullet, lying on the horse in much the same way as a very nice pad does. Like all of our models, one saddle fits all horses. Our saddles allow you to enjoy the thrill of riding as "one" with your horse!

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Great For:
  • Flat work
  • Daily Trail Riding
  • Low Level Jumping
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I bought my Classic model in December of 2004. The saddle is still in beautiful condition, even though it has been dropped, stomped on, thrown by a couple of horses and used almost every day of the year. It has been used on 13 hand ponies, and 16 hand Irish Sport horses and everything in between. I've even jumped low jumps in it. The horses love it and so do I. Occasionally I have had to use a treed saddle when out with someone else, not a pleasant experience. One person said this saddle was not for an inexperienced rider, I beg to differ, I've started riders with this saddle, after having them ride bareback, they loved it and had no trouble. I will hopefully be able to buy another saddle soon, I am now involved in horse rescue and have more horses because of this. My daughter and I own Dogwood Lane Horse Sanctuary, it's something we've always wanted to do. I'm 69 years old and a little more careful about what I ride but I still break some horses and ride our abused horses, and the Classic doesn't seem to mind that I have gotten older. Next on the want list is the Excel. Many thanks for a great riding and well built saddle.


Gay S.


Saddle Details

Black English Bridle Leather
Black Pebble Grain leather on seat and knee flaps
Long dressage billets for use with a shorter girth
Front dee rings for breast collar or grab strap
Improved pommel design
Deluxe support system (under flap knee rolls, rear thigh blocks and shoulder columns)
Free Ansur Dust Cover w/ logo comes with new saddle purchase

Made by Ansur's master saddle makers in Camas, WA, USA

flex core saddles for complete horse comfort