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Georgi M.

I recently purchased an Ansur Treeless Saddle and what a difference it has made in my horse. I have a Morgan Arab mix and he is gentle and has a very good disposition, but whenever I put the ridged treed saddle on him he would rear his head and swish his tail and act like he was trying to get out from under the saddle. I have had him for 3 years and had 4 saddles. Whenever I was riding him I felt I needed to be ready to grab the saddle horn because I never knew what he was going to do and now I never even think about the horn. He would be walking along and just jump either sideways or forward or spin like he wanted to get away from the saddle, he is too nice to buck but I think he was letting me know that he was hurting because he does not do any of that anymore, he is so relaxed and comfortable to ride now. When I was riding with the old saddles I would have to really squeeze his side to even get him to walk faster and he would dog it like he was a hundred years old, now he walks fast and goes into a trot easy. Now he acts as if he wants to be ridden and is enjoying it. I highly recommend this saddle mainly for the comfort of the horse. If he is comfortable then I’m comfortable. Thank you Ansur Saddles for the comfortable ride.

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Ansur saddles built on FlexCore: the comfort of a treeless saddle with all the rider support of a tree